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05 March 2011 @ 07:03 pm
Soooo excited. I won this in the last round of Propworx auctions.....

Production description: Set of four photos of Chief Galen Tyrol and Lieutenant Sharon "Boomer" Valerii from her Picon house dream sequence in the Fourth Season episode "Someone to Watch Over Me." The photos are of various sizes showing a happy Boomer and Tyrol.

Technical description: Set of four color photographs on Fujifilm paper. Each featuring one or both of the actors Aaron Douglas and Grace Park. The wedding photo measures 8" x 10", the two photos of Aaron and Grace measure 5" x 7" and the smaller photo of Grace measures 4" x 6".


Although I assume they are just reprints because these items have been auctioned off previously. But, still very happy with my win :)

Lot #458: Photo's of Boomer and Tyrol

Lot #1709: BSG Boomer & Tyrol Wedding Photo

The item that I won in the official BSG ebay auctions a couple of weeks ago arrived in the mail today.

BSG Boomer's Photo of Tyrol 'Downloaded'
This photograph of Chief Galen Tyrol in his bunk was displayed in Sharon "Boomer" Valerii's apartment in season two's "Downloaded." Wooden frame with photograph features the iconic cut corners of Battlestar Galactica . Measures 7" x 1" x 8.75"

The photo below is the one that was used in the ebay listing. I tried to take a photo of it with my camera but it didn't look as good as the one they took.

I spent way too much money on this but I don't care. I've wanted this photo ever since I saw it. As soon as the episode aired I asked a certain "someone" to steal it for me. Yeah, epic fail on his part. But I'll forgive him ... maybe :) I actually have no idea what I'm going to do with it but I'm so excited to have it.

screen caps of the photo from the episode '2x18: Downloaded' ..