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Here are some photos of Aaron in the recording studio for the new THE TOWN PANTS album.

(1). "Gang vocals for the new CD with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Duane Keogh."
(2). "Recording with @theaarondouglas on back-up/gang vocals. He's sporting the #magicrecordingsweater"
(3). "It's gang vocal day here at Imagined Aire studios... - with Dave Keogh, Aaron Chapman, Duane Keogh and Aaron Douglas."
(4). "Warming up — with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Mo Sherwood."
(5). "Aaron Douglas kicking out the jams. You may recognize him as "Chief Tyrol" from Battlestar Galactica or perhaps "Frank Leo" from The Bridge...either way, he sexes up The Magic Recording Sweater..."

FYI: "The Magic Recording Sweater" (the white sweater with the hearts on it) is just a fun thing the band members and guest musicians/singers took turns wearing during the recording of the album. Check out THIS album for more photos of people wearing it.

More proof on how awesome THE TOWN PANTS are, here are some screen caps of their appearance on URBAN RUSH in March 2006. They held up a sign that read "Aaron Douglas is a Cylon!". They guessed it before anyone knew (even Ron Moore and the writers) :)

UPDATE (May 25th): Below is a video montage from the recording of the new THE TOWN PANTS album. Aaron can be seen at time stamp 1:21 - 1:23 and 1:39 - 1:55.

If you live in the Vancouver area, Aaron will be hosting the fundraising event next Saturday night (June 18th) for his friends in the band THE TOWN PANTS.

If you live outside of Vancouver and want to help, the band is accepting donations via PayPal.
The link to donate is on their website.


Time: Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 7:00pm
Location: The Forum, 1163 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC


As you may know, on May 18th 2011 in Vancouver, our trusty passenger touring van was broken into by some thieves. They stole the van and abandoned it 3 days later, stealing our PA system, two guitars, (significantly Duane's blue acoustic Takamine that's played every Town Pants show we've ever done) our trusty GPS, and a variety of smaller electronic gear, as well and $3500 worth scuba gear that had been borrowed for the day. All in total valued at over $20,000. A complete list of the gear with identification can be seen on our website at

There's no worse thing that can happen to a band at home or on the road. We've known some other bands that can't recover from a setback like this and are often forced to break-up when dealing with an incident like this. For us, this comes at a particularly tough time, just before we're supposed to leave on an upcoming US tour this summer. We're not taking it lying down. We're currently working with Vancouver Police and keeping an eye out on the pawn shops for the missing equipment, and we're hoping something will turn up. But as you can imagine, its been quite the ordeal. Sadly, these items were not insured.

Some friends and fans in Vancouver are helping put together a sort of 'Pants-Aid' if you will--June 18th at The Forum (1163 Granville) featuring some pals of ours coming together to help us out including Bocephus King, Geoff Berner, Dustin Bentall, the Highballs, Gold Stars are For Suckers, and Butch Murphy and the Bloody Miracles---who'll all come down to perform, that we'll cap it all off with a headlining set by The Town Pants (playing on some borrowed gear). This will be a fundraising concert that not only allows us to get the word out about the stolen gear hoping that something will turn up, and 100% of ticket proceeds will go to purchasing some equipment so we can still do the tour.

Thanks so much out, including you out there, for all your continued incredible support.

The Town Pants w/ very special guests Dustin Bentall, Bocephus King, Geoff Berner, the Hard Rock Miners, Gold Stars are For Suckers, Butch Murphy & The Bloody Miracles and featuring guest emcee actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica/The Bridge) at The Forum (1163 Granville Street). phone (604)-605-1163

Tickets available anytime after Tuesday June 6th at: Zulu Records (1972 West 4th Avenue), Highlife Records (1317 Commercial Drive), RedCat Records(4332 Main Street) and of course The Forum (1163 Granville Street) $15 Advance, $20 Door, Lots of prizes to be won, 50/50 draw and more....

Again - 100% of ticket proceeds go towards replacing our all our gear that was recently stolen.!!


UPDATE (July 17th): Unfortunately Aaron won't be able to host this event as he will be out of town :(
02 December 2008 @ 09:03 pm
With a huge thank you to jeebs83, here are some photos of Aaron at Boozapalooza II (The Town Pants gig in Vancouver on Nov 21st).

[click on thumbnails to enlarge images]

I'm not a big fan of the "New Caprica Chief Tyrol" (aka Grizzly Adams) look. I think I need to try and talk someone into shaving his head again :)
17 November 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Just a reminder that Aaron will be hosting The Town Pants gig in Vancouver this Friday.

Event: Boozapalooza II: The Town Pants, Run GMC, & Dustin Bentall!
When: Friday, November 21, 2008 at 8:00pm
Where: The Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC)
Host: Hosted by actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica)

The band has returned home to Vancouver after 4 months on an amazing tour and are now getting revved up for BOOZAPALOOZA II!

Last year's SOLD OUT anniversary show was so successful we're doing it again FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21st 2008! Making for another great night of local music at the beloved ballroom, also performing are RUN GMC (back by popular demand) and the great DUSTIN BENTALL.

Actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica, I, Robot) will be back to MC and be the ringmaster on this whole circus. It'll be the first Vancouver appearance of The Town Pants since May, and it'll be a big night for us and we hope you can make it down.

Folks are coming from New York, Washington state, Alberta, Ontario and beyond for this biggest show of the year so we can't stress enough to GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY! Tickets are just $13 in advance and $16 at the door -- which are UNBELIEVEABLY low for a Commodore show.

Tickets are available at Live Nation or at, or charge by phone at 604-280-4444. Tickets also available at Redcat, Highlife and Zulu Records. Also, if you are interested in making a table reservation at the Commodore, call 604-739-4550 for more info.

UPDATE: Ryan Robbins (who plays Charlie Connor on BSG, Wendell Linham on THE GUARD and Henry Foss on SANCTUARY) will be joining the The Town Pants on stage playing didgeridoo.

04 October 2008 @ 12:20 pm
For anyone in the Vancouver area (or anyone wanting to use their frequent flyer points) .....

Event: Boozapalooza II:
When: Friday, November 21, 2008 at 8:00pm
Where: The Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville St)
Host: Aaron Douglas

It's Boozapalooza II: A night of Roots Rock Rebel as Maximum/EMI Recording Artists THE TOWN PANTS celebrate returning to Vancouver after a 4 month tour of the US and Canada to once again host BOOZAPALOOZA at the Commodore Ballroom with very special guests RUN GMC and DUSTIN BENTALL, and featuring special guest emcee actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica/I, Robot)!

Were you there for Boozapalooza I in November 2007!?
The Town Pants celebrated their 10th anniversary with a SOLD-OUT Commodore Ballroom. We're doing it all again same time this year on Friday, November 21st 2008!

Tickets are only $13 in Advance & $16 at the door!
Tickets available at or Ticketmaster, Charge by Phone 604-280-4444. Tickets (incl. GST) $13.00 (Plus FMF and Service charges)
Produced by Live Nation Canada



30 November 2007 @ 12:44 am
A huge thank you to spacepug from The 13th Colony for taping Urban Rush and mailing it out to me. 

Right click on the link below to download the video
Aaron Douglas - Urban Rush

NOTE: If you haven't seen the end of season 3, do not watch this video as Aaron makes a comment regarding his character. And at the very end of the video Duane (from The Town Pants) also mentions it. Also, Aaron talks about the last day of filming on episode 13 of season 4 and there's a teeny tiny spoiler mentioned. It's nothing major but you kinda say to yourself "huh? why wouldn't you be ....?". Like I said, it's nothing major, just a warning for people that are really paranoid about avoiding spoilers. And when Aaron is talking about Razor, he must be talking about the DVD version because what he's talking about wasn't in the tv version.

If you're interested in the song The Town Pants performed, I put it up on YouTube

And ... there's nearly 300 screen caps here ....
I told you that I have no self control when it comes to making screen caps :)
26 November 2007 @ 10:30 am
Thanks to spacepug, here are some photos of Aaron from the Town Pants gig on Saturday night.

[click on thumbnails for larger version]

View the rest of the photos here

As you can see from the photos, there was someone with a video camera recording the event. So hopefully there's some way to get my hands on a copy of that. 

Also, I was talking with Aaron through out the night and he said there were some BSG fans that came over and said hi to him. So maybe there's more photos of Aaron from the event out there somewhere. If you see any, please let me  know or post a link to them on here. 

UPDATE: The reason there was a guy with a video camera taping the whole thing, is because they're going to be releasing it on DVD. Once I find out more about that (when it will be available and where you can buy it) I'll let everyone know. 
22 November 2007 @ 11:20 am
With much thanks, love and hugs to spacepug who recorded Urban Rush for me and is posting it off in the mail as we speak, here is a couple of screen caps of Aaron from the show.

How yummy is he? Patrick Dempsey has nothing on this McDreamy :)

View the rest of the screen caps here

Once I receive the DVD, I'll post the video and more screen caps. And you just know how I have no self control when it comes to screen caps :)
21 November 2007 @ 09:00 am
Here's a behind-the-scenes photo (taken with Aaron's cell phone) at today's taping of Urban Rush.

[click on the thumbnail for the larger version]

If you're wondering about the sign ... on Urban Rush they have the guests hold up a sign just before they go to a commercial break or just coming back from one. When the Town Pants were on Urban Rush in March 2006, they held up a sign that read "Aaron Douglas is a Cylon!". They guessed it before anyone knew (even Rom Moore and the writers)  :) 

12 November 2007 @ 10:29 am
On Tuesday the 20th of November, Aaron will be appearing on the Vancouver Talk Show URBAN RUSH with THE TOWN PANTS to help promote Boozapalooza (The Town Pants 10 year anniversary performance) on Saturday, November 24th at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

URBAN RUSH airs in Vancouver, Monday - Friday at 5pm, 7pm, 11pm and at 1am & Noon the following day. 

NOTE: Is there anyone that lives in Vancouver that can please tape this for me? Or do you know anyone in Vancouver that you can ask? I'd love to add the video of this to the website.

UPDATE (Nov 15th): Yay. I've found someone in Vancouver that is going to tape Aaron on URBAN RUSH for me. So as soon as I get the DVD from them (it's got to travel from Vancouver to Australia) I'll put it up on the website and post the link to watch it.

11 November 2007 @ 07:02 pm
Just a reminder that Aaron will be the hosting MC at The Town Pants gig in Vancouver on Saturday November 24th. 

Boozapalooza: Town Pants 10 year anniversary performance 
When: Saturday, November 24 at 8:00pm 
Where: The Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville Street, Vancouver)

For more information on this event, please refer to the APPEARANCES page on ADFans

Click HERE to view The Town Pants Boozapalooza TV commercial.






22 October 2007 @ 09:19 pm
For anyone in the Vancouver area (or anyone wanting to use their frequent flyer points) .....

Event: Boozapalooza: The Town Pants 10 year anniversary performance!
When: Saturday, November 24th at 8:00pm
Where: The Commodore Ballroom (868 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC)

The Town Pants are joined by Swank and RUN GMC to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and release of their new LIVE CD "Coming Home"

Dave Keogh, Duane Keogh, Aaron Chapman, Dino DiNicolo, Kyle Taylor, Tony Raybould and Ryan Robbins will all be performing.

Hosted by actor Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica) 

Tickets go on sale Friday October 26th


The Town Pants Official Website