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Convention Appearance: FedConUSA (Update - Part 1)

Don't you just love the drama? :)

First Aaron was announced as attending FedConUSA. Then one of the con organisers (Richard - Operations Director) posted an announcement on their message board on the morning of Thursday June 5th saying that Aaron wouldn't be attending. Aaron hasn't cancelled and asked me to pass that on to the fans (source). Because of these conflicting stories a bit of a heated discussion started up on their message board from the fans asking whether he had in fact cancelled or not.

Aaron has posted a couple of messages on the FedConUSA message board to help clear up any confusion.

Sorry for the delay in relaying this message. Aaron emailed me as soon as he posted on the FedCon message board but because I was at work (and don't have internet access at work), I only saw his email once I got home.

The below is from the Guest Alterations thread .....

POST #97 (Monday, June 9th @ 7:07pm)
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

Wow..... nothing like passion from Sci-fi fans hey?


Ok, from what I know here is what has happened. And let me preface all of this with the fact that myself and James have been working 14 hour days with nothing but sleep between. Today is literally my first day off in months. Even on days I am not shooting I am out of town or working on other things so please forgive me that I have taken so long to realize what is going on.

I do NOT think there is a bait and switch happening here. I do NOT think there is any malevolent forces at work to take your money and deny you quite possibly the greatest con duo, aside from Judge and Shanks, this weekend at FedconUSA. 

James and I were very excited to have been invited to this convention and we have been very much looking forward to attending.

Battlestar Galactica is in the final throws of finishing and our schedule changes literally 2 or 3 times a day. Although we confirmed to attend this con we can never say with 100% confidence that we would be able to attend until literally a few days before. This is the same for every con. I was forced to cancel Wrath of Con in Florida a few weeks ago due to a change in the schedule at the last minute.

So, as of last week it was not looking good for me to be able to attend. My name was pulled from attending BEFORE myself or my agent said I could not come and I believe Tim and others when they say that the reason was to avoid people signing up and then being upset and disappointed.... I would be disappointed as well if I couldn't see me... :-P

I have just received a new schedule for this week and I am off Friday and I have left a message for Tim and my agent and I am hopeful that things will not change and that myself and James will be able to see you all this weekend in Dallas. There are no guarantees but from what I can see FEDCON is doing their best to get us there with our schedules and timing of flights etc...

If we or one of us are unable to attend it will not be because of anything more than our schedule. If this happens please forgive us as we have no control over production and although there will be years of conventions to attend, there will only be one last episode of the best show on TV.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you all this weekend.

Someone put the beer on ice.


Oh yeah, just incase there are some frakwits out there who say, "That isn't Aaron Douglas", I am going to call a few friends who I know are on these and other boards and tell them to confirm it.
If "Shelf of B" is on here she will know this is me.


POST #102 (Monday, June 9th @ 9:17pm)
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)


I just got off the phone with my agent and she is aware that James has been cleared to attend and that I am very close to being officially cleared to attend from BSG production. She has sent emails and left messages with Fedcon people but with the craziness of the last 3 days leading up to a con I would not expect to hear back until the morning.

I am on set all day tues wed and thurs so I may not be on here at all over the next few days and I will leave all of this to Fedcon and my agent.

I hope it works out and that I will see you all on the weekend.



EDIT (June 10th and June 11th):
Aaron has made a few more posts. This time in the Battlestar Galactica Revelations June 13 thread .....

POST #13 (Tuesday, June 10th @ 12:21pm)
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

OK....NO promises..... BUT.... 

IF I can make it.......... IF you all can set up a room with a projector and a bunch of seats with drinks for James and I.....

I will go to production and try to get a copy of the episode that will air Friday night and we can all watch it together at 10 with no commercials...... 


Oh yeah, one more thing.... people who want to come in to watch have to pay $1 with proceeds going to my charity, The Canadian Cancer Foundation. 

cool with you all?


Gotta run, have to go to set and kill lee adama.... whoops, was that out loud? 


POST #26 (Tuesday, June 10th @ 6:32pm
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

I do not want to screw up anyone else program or party or whatever.

If I can I will bring the DVD and we can watch it whenever it is best to do so.

how is that?


POST #38 (Wednesday, June 11th @ 3:24pm)
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

Ok I hold in my hands the last 2 eps of the beginning of season 4. The ep that aired last week and the one that will air this coming friday.

So, we will find a place to watch it.

Maybe even Friday afternoon...... Don't tell Scifi.... ha 

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