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Convention Appearance: FedConUSA (Update - Part 3)

And the FedConUSA drama continues (sigh). Aaron and James will not be appearing at the FedConUSA convention this weekend. Aaron has asked me to do a copy and paste of his posts from their message board and re-post them on here ....... 

NOTE: All of Aaron's posts are in the orange font.

POST #51 (Thursday, June 12th @ 4:27pm)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

I am starting to feel really bad for the fans who are really and truly expecting to see myself and James.

We are both still very hopeful that we are able to make it but at this point, with less than 24 hours before my flight, I still do not have a flight or many of my contractual obligations met by the promoters.

My name is still on the webpage as confirmed but I am NOT confirmed. I have agreed to come, as I want to, but no one is returning calls or emails to my agent.

So with this information I would like to remove my name and picture from the confirmed guest list until such time as I have a plane ticket and my other contractual pieces met.

I am really sorry this has dragged out so long, I have no idea why it has, but I cannot in good conscience have my name up there only to be told that I will not be attending.

This is NOT up to me at this point. I have been cleared by BSG and I have the final episode disk in my packed suitcase.

I hope to see you all but at this point I feel it is doubtful that I will.

All the best.


POST #71 (Thursday, June 12th @ 7:09pm)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

It is 5:05 pm on thursday.

I just hung up from my agent.

No one has called her, emailed or or anything. She gets people in the convention office in Dallas on the phone and they say they don't know why we don't have all of our stuff and that they will go get Tim and have him call her back.
NO ONE will call back, Tim has not called back. She even spoke to 2 people on the 1-877 number.

If James and I do not come it has nothing to do with us. We are sitting here waiting for our plane tickets and itineraries.

If you wonder why we have not arrived it is not on us. Ask the organizers.

I have more to say but I am hopeful that we will get an 11th hour call. and no, I don't mean 11pm tonight.

We wait..........


POST #88 (Thursday, June 12th @ 11:42pm)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

9:33 pm PDT and no one has called or emailed and all cel phone numbers that were given to my agent have mail boxes that are full.

I have now been told by another actor who is not attending that he was told that they took James and I off the guest list last week because they had run out of money and could not afford us. They did not talk to us about this nor did they offer any explanation. They put our names back up when fans made a stink and it looked like no one would show up so they could keep selling tickets on our names without ever having any intention to bring either James or I to Dallas for this con.

This is the most unprofessional, egregious behaviour that I have ever seen displayed. FedconUSA you make Creation look like Shoreleave or Dragoncon, two of the finest run conventions a fan will ever attend.

Shame on you.

I cleared my schedule to be there. My schedule that is now in the final 2 weeks of shooting. Shooting the show that has meant so much to so many for 6 years of my life. We are shooting on location next week and the cast and crew are heading there early to spend the weekend together. James and I chose differently. We chose to go to Dallas and be with all of you, much to the chagrin of many of our castmates. I was so excited to watch the final episode in a room full of fans and then have drinks and talk about it.
This is profoundly disappointing to me.
And not just that I am unable to attend, but the way in which it came about.
If they had been up front and told us that they do not have money for both of us James and I would have flipped a coin to see who got to attend.
If they had phoned us back and been honest it would have been so much simpler. And now I fee like such a chump for coming on these boards several days ago and standing up for these guys.
This is brutal.
I apologize to all of the fans who went to Dallas to see me.
I apologize to everyone who I made feel good about attending this con with my first posts.
I am truly sorry that you have been taken in and used in this way.

Anyone who attends or has even purchased a ticket in the hopes of seeing me, I am sorry you will be disappointed.

Here is my way of trying to make it a little better for you.

Send a self addressed stamped return envelope inside a short letter to me commenting on this con, promising to never return to it and mentioning this message and I will sign a picture for you and return it.
Send it to me at

Aaron Douglas
c/o Pacific Artists Management
685-1285 West Broadway

I may take a bit to return it but you should have it by the end of the summer.

Once again, I am really sorry these people denied you your BSG guests.

I hope to see you all at another con. Fedcon just made the Creation "Do Not Attend" list.



POST #6 (Friday, June 13th @ 12:10am)
Thread: Early Pics
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

NOTHING, I mean NOTHING has been done to get me a flight!

That is a bold faced lie.

Tim has not even called my agent. If he was so concerned about getting us there, apparently his only job, why didn't he call my agent, give her a credit card number and tell her to call the travel agent?
Why not call a travel agent and say, "Book these guys flights to Dallas."
Why not call me and say book yourself a flight and have the travel agent call me for a credit card number?
Why not tell me to go online and pic a flight and email him the details?
Why not delegate to someone who has the capability to book a flight?

You posted on the 10th at 10am that Aaron and James were once again coming.
It is now the evening of the 12th and NO ONE has called with flight information, contact information, convention information, itnerary... nothing...... nothing.

Stop lying to the people.

You had no intention of bringng James or I to this con.

You used our names to sell tickets and now you are trying to pass the buck around enough so that people will just forget.
Ask any fan who has read, heard or watched what I have to say about the outstanding people over at Creation con and you will realize that I never forget.

You Tom may be the best guy in the world but you are mixed up with some ........

Save your own face, come clean and be honest.

Tim has blown it for Fedcon USA.

You will never get anyone from BSG, Erin Grays office or any actor I have ever met or will meet in the future.
I will tell this tale at every interview I do, every con I go to and every fan I meet on the street.

This is beyond poor. This is an abomination.

Have a nice weekend


POST #24 (Friday, June 13th @ 12:17am)
Thread: James Callis and Aaron Douglas are Back!!
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

I just got a call from a friend in Dallas who was listening to the radio and it stated that myself and James will be at Fedcon this weekend?


are you insane?

tell you what fans. I am consulting my lawyer in the morning and I will look into a blanket letter I can sign that you will all be able to use to have your credit card charges reversed because you bought your tickets with the promise that I would be there when they clearly had no intention of ever having James or myself.

This smells a lot like fraud. I am not saying it is... just smells like it.


POST #96 (Friday, June 13th @ 12:22am)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

Oh yeah, for those expecting to see Richard Hatch.............


POST #143 (Friday, June 13th @ 4:39am)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

This is a piece of what Tim wrote....

I think my wife already explained it better than I could.. We started off with the original lineup and we planned on honoring that lineup and had the budget for it planned out. We all know that guest can change due to a number of reasons.. In this case from the email I received from Aaron and Jame's agent, production was getting in the way and there was a good chance they could not make it. Aaron himself stated how busy they were and that it did not look like he would be able to come.. I took them off the site.. as I said, I did not want to willingly take money from you guys if I know that they cannot make it.. Should I have put tentative on them, hind site is 20/20 and now that I look back at this.. hell yeah.. But to me personally that is still a bit deceiving..

When I thought they could not appear, I panicked a bit being short on time and tried to fill the space as best I could. Please believe me when I say that it not easy trying to replace them.. After paying airfare, appearance fees expenses etc.. for the new guest we have coming.. that cut into the budget more than just James and Aaron's fee.... Then when I found out later that it looked like they could come.. We were already over budget with the new guest.. and other expenses.. I tried getting additional funds from a number of sources and could not pull it off.. I have so much tied up in this already it is unreal.

I know you don't want to hear about money issues when it involves your favorite person you want to see.. I am not trying to make excuses. I am just being realistic.. You want to know the truth, your getting it. Also, I had an issue with there agent on the class of flight for one of them.. he was contracted to fly one class and the agent was insistent on flying a higher class which is a difference of around $6000.00 a ticket just for the one airfare..

As far as contacting Aaron and Jame's agent.. I did that earlier and explained why I could not bring them which is the same thing you are seeing here. As far as contacting there agent earlier. I explained that right now the main reason is that one of her guest was NOT contracted to fly first class and there agent is insisting on him flying first ... I cannot afford it.. it is that simple..

Sweet Mary Mother of Joseph where do I even begin?......

This is total Bullsh*t
I have never spoken to Tim. I have never emailed Tim until tonight when i responded to a PM. I left him a voice mail the other day but it was not returned.
He has had our contracts for a long time.
Tim NEVER EVER contacted my agent and told her that he could not bring us. She has been waiting by the phone in her office since Monday waiting for him to return her calls, waiting for him to clear his full voice mail so she could leave another message, waiting for him to return an email.
If Tim had told her we were not coming a while ago, why the FRAK would I be on here looking for a flight or some kind of information for the past 3 days? Do I not have better things to do on set than run to my trailer to see if Tim has called Erin with a plane ticket for me?

James and I had our names removed from the site before we were even asked if we could attend or if there would be any issues preventing us from attending. We started the last two episodes of BSG this past Monday. The schedule for those episodes came out on Friday the 6th. Our names were removed from the site at the beginning of last week, somewhere around the 2nd. In what clairvoyant world does this man live in that he could know mine and James' schedule before the AD's, before the producers, before we have even had a readthrough? This is utter BS.
I was informed that my name had been removed by fans asking why. I said, I had no idea and that I thought I was still going. I had Erin Gray, my convention agent, look into why our names had been removed.
The convention was then told that we were in fact still available and hoping to go.
The names were replaced on the 10th at 10am. This is when we began the waiting game for tickets.
We were not replaced between the time our names were removed and replaced and if we were why were our names taken down in the first place?
And then when you realized that you could not afford to bring us and the "replacements" why did you leave our names up on the site and why are our names still running, tonight!!!, in radio ads for the con for the weekend?
As for the class of airfare.... my god how do you even come out with that one?
I asked for a flight with Alaska Airlines or an Alaskan partner. Erin has this email with my request. A first class ticket which is absolute common practice with actors traveling to cons. Tim claims that I am contracted for a business class ticket and James a first class ticket. On Alaska it is the same damn seat. There is no difference between first and business. Some airlines call it business and some call it first. It is the same seat. Yes James and I wished to travel together, that is what friends typically do.
If the airfare got too high for you why didn't you purchase the tickets 3 months ago when we agreed to come? Buy a refundable ticket in case the actor cannot show up. You save tons on tickets buying in advance. Is this new information?
The ticket I specifically asked for, an Alaskan first class/business class ticket from Vancouver to Dallas costs $1604.40 with 2 weeks advance purchase. If you bought it right now, at 2:25 am leaving in 7 hours and returning on Monday it costs $1604.40. Where the frak are you getting $6,000? I didn't realize that Dallas was in Australia.....
Come on man, these people are not stupid. 1600 bucks.... you have screwed this up for $1600?
You cannot put this on me, James or my agent. I will be on here everyday till this con is done to refute whatever BS you people drop on me, my agent, my good friend James or my fans.

This is disgusting.....

Paul Macgillion is embarrassed to be going without me after this shyte.


POST #144 (Friday, June 13th @ 4:58am)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

QUOTE (TimBrazeal @ Jun 13 2008, 12:37 AM)

ok.. one more..

A day in advance... Try a week and half or two weeks prior to the show.. and they are pulling cash out of my card daily even now.. Not only that.. The hotel was guesstimating on the high side of what they THOUGHT we would owe them...once the show is over.. they will return whatever monies that was overpaid back to us.. Oh, and by the way.. there guesstimates were around 10 grand over what they said and we planned for. so sad to say it was much more than a day prior to the show and much more money... As I said.. they are working with us.. but it WAS a shocker..

I had the staff REMOVE James and Aaron from the site when I first canceled them.. Then I worked with there agent and thought everything was fine until the airfare incident which was almost as much as one them was paid for coming..

No actors were mentioned on the radio commercials that I have running.. We had over 200 commercials and not one mentioned any actors by name as far as I know.. and even if they were.. Commercials cost money to make and to change them would be the cost of another one.. but, no actors were mentioned.. if you are referring to the talk show that Richard, Gigi and David did earlier tonight on CBS.. We did not get the final word in that the agent was not going to come down from the airfare class that was in the contract.. as I said.. I simply did not have the additional funds to fly 1st class when it was not agreed to in the contract or the budget..

I think I covered this in my previous email but I am just so shocked and incensed by this comment. This is all because of an airfare? I will post my contract and the email that was sent requesting my flight. Would that help everyone because this is total BULLS%!T and being in Texas I am sure you people know a lot about that.
Tim, this is the most inane, insane, ridiculous argument.
But at least you admitted that you cancelled us and not the other way around.
Alaska Air.... first class same as business class... $1604..... right now... leaving at 9:30 am.
And to say that you did not get the final word that my agent wouldn't come down from the airfare class is even more preposterous as you haven't returned a call of hers since Tuesday. How the FRAK would you know what she had to say?
Show me a flight, any flight that is $6,000 going from Vancouver to Dallas......
Did we ask to charter a Lear jet?
Come on!!!!
Just be honest with these poor people.

Look what I found.
One of many emails to my agent regarding all of this. And I know that this email or its contents were forwarded to Tim and the Fedcon staff.

From: Aaron Douglas
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 3:59 PM
To: Erin Gray
Cc: Production Coordinator
Subject: flight

so it doesn't look like i will get an official green light to go but i got a 99%it will be fine.
I am not in any of the scenes scheduled for friday but we are so far behind they will not give anyone a free pass for any time but it should be ok... knock on wood.

an alaska flight or alaska partner booked with my alaska mileage number would be best but if not, I understand.
first or business class.
vegetarian meal if they ask
direct if possible. no connectors that are way out of the way. travel as little as possible.
return first thing monday am.
or show me the options first.

am i bringing my own pics and stuff to this?
what is my deal on this one again?

anything else?

thank you


POST #145 (Friday, June 13th @ 5:08am)
Thread: Program
By: TimBrazeal (FedConUSA Owner)

Aaron, not to try and argue.. Most of the flights I have booked, I did with American Airlines.. Some requested United.. AA.com type in YVR First class unrestricted and see what the fare is.. almost 10 grand for both.. Type in the same for business class.. 1900 as of a few minutes ago..

I don't know about Alaskan.. I tried United, American etc.. I may be insane.. but if you look at the airfare and anyone here can do it.. you will see that there is first and business.. the contract that I have on you is business.. the one for James is First.. several thousand difference.. and I did not say it was just about the airfare.. that did make a major impact right now.. but there is a difference between first and business class.. maybe not coming out of Canada.. but once you hit the US.. makes a huge difference..

As I stated in several post.. it was a number of things.. after I canceled you the first time, I tried to bring in more guest to cover it.. so after spending the additional cash to cover them.. Things were tight..

I know I am tired here.. but from reading your post.. I don't recall saying I spoke with you.. I was referring to the pm I sent earlier.. nothing more.


POST #147 (Friday, June 13th @ 5:21am)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

Tim this is semantic BS and you know it.

You cannot pin this on airfare when I have shown the email that specifically asks for an Alaskan flight.

And if you were so concerned about the cost of the flight why didn't you return Erins calls and emails and tell her that?

You never responded to her. We didn't even know I was not going until tonight when I just kind of figured out that no one from Fedcon was going to call me with a ticket.

And why would you pay $10,000 for a flight for one of your guests that isn't a headliner? You didn't give Dirk a flight or Richard or several others.... so you'll give a big flight to Paul but not to James?

Just tell me why you didn't return any calls or emails and let me know that I wasn't coming.


EDIT (Friday, June 13th):  Here are two more posts from Aaron ......

POST #162 (Friday, June 13th @ 1:25pm)
Thread: Program By: Chief Tyrol
(BSG Cast Member)

QUOTE (TimBrazeal @ Jun 13 2008, 03:31 AM)
Aaron, please pm me your email address and I will gladly forward you emails where your agent and I went back and fourth about the flights.. I have several of them and recent as well. If you prefer, I can copy paste them, but I would prefer to just forward them to you.

This is my last note regarding flights.

1. I am cc'd on all correspondence between you and Erin. I know exactly what went on and when you did and did not respond.

2. I specifically asked for and you were specifically told that I requested an Alaskan Airlines flight. There is no difference between first and business. It is still $1,600.00 this morning to get me to and from Dallas. It is also EXACTLY what James would have expected to fly. You could have had us both for $3,200.00. I have no idea why this is so confusing to you.

Fedconusa is dead to me. At least with Creation the actors show up, the fans are not allowed to look at them, talk to them or talk near them but at least the actors arrive.

I had my bags packed yesterday as I was expecting an early flight this morning. I would have gone to the airport at 4am for my 6:30 flight. I was on set till 11pm and somehow in my silly little brain still expected a last minute call. None came.

I worked all day yesterday waiting for you to call Erin with a flight and whenever she called the Fedcon office she was told by Tom, Thomas and an Australian woman whose name she did not get that "Tim is working on flights right now as we speak and that he will call you soon."

My friend Gigi was told, when she arrived in Dallas, that Aaron is totally sorted and he will be receiving his flight at any moment.

I got that call at 2:34pm.

Tom posted this yesterday:

Yesterday, 05:14 PM
Post #73
Security Director
Group: Security Director
Posts: 347
Joined: 19-December 06
From: Masachusetts
Member No.: 2

Aarron this is Tom, I was one of the people to speak to your agent, I can tell you that as i post Tim is dealing with the airlines. I will PM you.

and this:

Yesterday, 10:13 PM
Post #95
Security Director
Group: Security Director
Posts: 347
Joined: 19-December 06
From: Masachusetts
Member No.: 2

Tim is dealling with the flights, We are doing everything else here.

Tim, that was all a lie, a lie from you and your staff.

Your excuses hold absolutely no water.

POST #167 (Friday, June 13th @ 4:22pm)
Thread: Program
By: Chief Tyrol (BSG Cast Member)

Ok, I need to clarify one more thing.

There is an actor coming from Vancouver on Saturday, a very very good friend of mine, who had the same flight request as myself and his ticket was NOT $10,000, nothing even close.

I quoted an Alaska flight for $1,600....

His flight is right in that ballpark. Literally within a couple hundred bucks.

So I have no idea who has a $10,000 flight, especially since this friend of mine is the only real headliner left.


EDIT (Saturday, June 14th):  The convention has been cancelled ......

POST #145 (Saturday, June 14th @ 11:06am)
Thread: Please Read ASAP!
By: TimBrazeal (FedConUSA Owner)

I am back home from the hospital and after talking to my wife and son and seeing how it is all going there. I have asked my son to shut the show down. It seems that nothing is going the way it should. I really don't think that it would be have been done any better if I were able to be there. I believe they have have been outstanding in trying to make the best of a bad situation to say the least. My son had nothing to do with the convention and flew down at the last minute with me being admitted to the hospital to try and help me. The staff there are ALL volunteers and have done a fantastic job. I have always said that good, bad or ugly, whatever happened here is totally my fault. I had really hoped it would be the other way around.

I know that we all had high hopes for the show. I am not sure what happened exactly.. I spent thousands on radio, print advertisement etc.. So it was not from lack of trying. JackFM ran and is running over 200 commercials for the show. I did newspaper etc.. anyway. I don't see a reason in making everyone continue to suffer through this.. So I told them to shut it down now. If you purchased a ticket today, your money will be refunded today..

Since I am having them close the show early... I will issue refunds to everyone. It will take some time to get them all done.. there is still some money in the account and I do have money coming back in from other sources.. But I see no reason to keep it going. It may take some time.. but if everyone works with me, I will get everyones cash back to them...

This was one of my biggest dreams in life.. But one that will never be a reality.



For a copy and paste of all of Aaron's previous posts on the FedConUSA message board, go here .....

Convention Appearance: FedConUSA (Update - Part 1)

Convention Appearance: FedConUSA (Update - Part 2)

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