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BSG TV Movie (update)

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone on the BSG movie. Aaron and I don't get a chance to chat in real time during the week because when I'm at home it's some ungodly hour in Vancouver. And then when he's up, I'm at work and don't have internet access. But anyway ....

Edward James Olmos will be directing the movie and it will be written by Jane Espenson (not David Weddle and Bradley Thompson as previously reported by SyFy Portal). David and Bradley are now writing for a very popular tv show (they start July 7th). I'm not sure if the name of which show they are writing for has been made public yet so I better not mention it by name.

Aaron has been told that there will only be one BSG tv movie and it will shoot in September.

If any of the above info changes, I'll let you know.

And ..... saving the best until last ..... NBC Universal's lawyers have been in contact with Aaron's agent about Aaron being in the movie. Fingers crossed that Aaron signs on the dotted line :) 

UPDATE:  Aaron said that the movie will be set during season 1. 

UPDATE (July 4th): It's now ok to say the name of the tv series that David and Bradley are writing for because it has been posted online elsewhere. The show is CSI: Las Vegas.
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