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The Plan (Review Thread)

With THE PLAN coming out on dvd today (October 27th) in the USA, here is our last ever silly fan girl/boy discussion thread of the Chief in an episode of BSG :'(

Once you've watched THE PLAN post some love for the Chief here. There will be spoilers in this thread so don't read the comments if you haven't watch it yet and want to stay spoiler free.

Please only discuss the Chief in this thread. If you want a general review thread for THE PLAN, then head on over to battlestar_blog. http://community.livejournal.com/battlestar_blog/1862989.html

NOTE: THE PLAN was written by Jane Espenson and directed by Edward James Olmos.

Time stamp: 00:02:57 (New Scene)

Tyrol is on a basestar with the other final four cylons ... in a goo bath!!!!!

Time Stamp: 18:09 (Archive footage - miniseries)

Shot of Tyrol in the hangar bay from the miniseries when Adama is announcing over the PA system that "moments ago, this ship received word that a Cylon attack against our home worlds is underway...."

Time Stamp: 19:02 to 19:17 (Archive footage - miniseries) / (New - goo bath)

After Adama's announcement it's the scene from the miniseries of Tyrol in the hangar bay

Tyrol: Alright people, this is what we do, we're the best, so let's girl the old girl ready to roll and kick some cylon ass. C'mon, let's go, move. (to himself...) this better be for real.

The above is intercut with some shots of Tyrol in the goo bath. Do I see nipple? ;) Did they make him shave his chest because it sure looks like it.

Time Stamp: 35:32 - 37:58 (New Scene)

Tyrol is in the tool room with Giana (aka Mrs Eddie). She's having trouble getting something down from a high shelf. She's jumping up and down and swinging from the shelf. Tyrol sees this and bursts out laughing and goes over and helps her.

Tyrol: (laughs) Hey, woah, woah, woah. woah!, woah!, woah! You're going to kill yourself. Hear. Let me. Let me. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it.
Giana: Thanks. I'm swapping out the oxygen cylinders on Raptor 702.
Tyrol: I checked 702 yesterday. Life support's fine.
Giana: Until 2 weeks ago I use to inspect the aircrafts for Sun Airways. If I found cylinders in that condition you'd be looking at a shutdown.
Tyrol: Alright, well grab the spares.
[Giana looks around for them]
Giana: There are no spares.
Tyrol: Welcome to the Galactica (laughs).

[Boomer walks in]
Tyrol: (clears throat) Lieutenant Valerrii this is Giana O'Neil, a new knuckle dragger.
Boomer: Great we could use the help.
Giana: Yes you could.
Tyrol: Do you need to see me for something Lieutenant?
Boomer: No I'm .... carry on Chief.
[Boomer leaves]

Giana: So how longer have you two been seeing each other?
Tyrol: Excuse me?
Giana: I've seen office romances before. My old job was full of them. Believe me.
Tyrol: Like you and your husband?
Giana: No. He's a medic in the Colonial Fleet. At least he use to be. Our romance had different obstacles. There's always something.
Tyrol: Well ahh, I wouldn't know anything about that (laughs).

I love the part where Boomer walks in and he's talking like "baby, I swear to Gods she's nothing to me. Just some random knuckle dragger". And when he's asking Boomer if she needed to see him for something you can tell in his mind he's thinking "Do you want to f-ck right now because I'm good to go. Damnit that Giana is here". Tyrol laughed/smiled more in this scene than he has during the entire four seasons.

Time Stamp: 39:29 (New Scene)

Boomer and Cavill are talking and Boomer says "Chief Tyrol loves me". Cavill (knowing who the final five are) finds this amusing and laughs but obviously doesn't let on to Boomer.

Time Stamp: 44:11 - 44:43 (Archive footage - 1x02: Water)

It's this scene from 1x02: Water....

Tyrol: Someone's obviously setting you up to take the fall for something, that's what it is. I mean, you wake up somewhere, you don't know how you got there or anything. You're drugged or manipulated. Or who knows what, something.
Boomer: What do we do? 'Cause if I report what's happened, they're gonna think I'm a Cylon agent.
Tyrol: No, they're not; no, they're not. No, no, no, why would they think that? That's crazy.
Boomer: People are getting crazy, okay? You've heard the rumors: Cylons who look like humans, sleeper agents hiding in the fleet.

Time Stamp: 01:14:35 - 1:15:31 (Archive footage - 2x04: Resistance)

It's the scene from 2x04: Resistance where Cally shoots Boomer and she dies in Tyrol's arms :'(

NOTE: After Boomer is shot and she falls into Tyrols arms, this is shown at a different angle as to what we saw in the episode.

Time Stamp: 01:19:26 - 1:21:00 (New Scene)

Tyrol, Tigh and Giana are talking about Simon's death. Giana was married to Simon and he airlocked himself.

Tigh: Some of the electronics involved in overriding airlock security are pretty sophisticated.
Tyrol: Colonel you said this wasn't going to be an interrogation. (He turns to Giana) This is why I wanted to come.
Tigh: This isn't an interrogation but it is an investigation.
Giana: Do you think he was a cylon because he killed himself?
Tyrol: Could use more cylons like that, huh?
Giana: Chief! Don't!
Tigh: I never said cylon.
Giana: Good. Sir, I don't know how he knew to rig an airlock. But he was a smart man. He learned it somewhere.
Tigh: Some people would cry murder if their husband or wife died like that.
Giana: I could understand that but he left a note.
[She hands the note to Tigh and he reads it out loud]
Tigh: "Love outlasts death". [pause] We really did just want some answers. No one thinks that your husband is a cylon.
Giana: Yes sir, of course sir. May I have that back?

Time Stamp: 01:30:50 - 1:31:21 (Archive footage - 2x19: Lay Down Your Burdens (Part 1)

This is the scene of Tyrol's meeting with Cavill from LDYBI.

Cavill: I'm Brother Cavill. I understand you've asked for religious counselling.
Tyrol: I never really believed in psych therapy. My father was a priest.
Cavill: I see. You thought you'd have an easier time with a priest than a real doctor. OK. So tell me what's on your mind Chief.
Tyrol: How do you know that I'm human?

Note: Cavill saying "So tell me what's on your mind Chief" is new dialogue. In THE PLAN Tyrol replies "How do you know that I'm human?". In the aired episode he says the words "But how do you know I'm human?" (which is a slight variation of the words) and then Cavill makes the joke about not seeing him at any of the cylon meetings. I'm guessing this 'new' dialogue used in THE PLAN is probably from unused footage/different takes from the dailies for LDYBI.

Time Stamp: 01:31:21 to 1:35:20 (New Scene)

Tyrol is talking with Giana on the floor of the Hangar Bay ......

Giana: You heard what Kara Thrace said?
Tyrol: Yeah, I heard
[she hands Tyrol a newspaper article and he unfolds it and looks at it while she's talking]
Giana: Picture of a pyramid star and their frakking team doctor. My husband. Only not. He was a cylon. I thought he loved me. Gods.
Tyrol: Maybe he did. I don't know.
Giana: Someone made him do it, don't you think? I mean they keep finding more of them and they must have been in contact. Someone was making decisions.
Tyrol: You think that somebody told them what to do? Ordered them?
Giana: I think Simon was told to something and instead he killed himself.
Tyrol: Boomer was a better shot than that.
Giana: What?
Tyrol: When she shot the old man. She was a better shot than that. It's like she frakked it up on purpose knowing that the marines would take her head off right then and there. Knowing that it was the only way out she coould see.
Giana: So maybe they were heroes, you know? In a way.
Tyrol: I don't know about that. Maybe.
Giana: If I thought I was a cylon. I would climb this ladder all the way up there. I'd do it with style. I'd swan dive out of this life.
[While she is talking the scene is intercut with the scenes of Tyrol's dream from LDYBI where he is walking up the ladder.]
[Tyrol leans over and kisses her]
Tyrol: I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by that.
[She puts her hand on the back of his head and rubs her fingers through his hair]
Giana: I know.
[They sit there in silence and Giana holds the newspaper article to her chest]

Then we get a voice over of Cavill talking to Tyrol and scenes of Tyrol's dream where he takes a swan dive from the catwalk in the hangar bay.

Cavill: You think you're a cylon. That's what you're afraid of, isn't it? That you might be a cylon and not even know it just, just like Boomer, right? That's the thought that's crippling your soul [drums fingers on table]. Does that frighten you, the idea of putting your trust in others?
Tyrol: Honestly yes.
Cavill: Yeah well, I've done it and they all let me down. Every single one, every single one. So yeah, it should scare the frak out of you. But good luck to you.

The dialogue after Cavill drums his fingers on the table is all new.

Time Stamp: 01:41:48 - 1:42:16 (Archive footage - 2x20: Lay Down Your Burdens (Part 2)

This is the scene in the hangar bay from LDYBII where Starbuck and Anders are talking to Adama and telling him that the cylon occupation is over. Then Cavill comes out of the Raptor and Tyrol realises he is a cylon and calls out for security and pins Cavill down against the Raptor.

Time Stamp: 01:43:47 - 1:44:17 (New Scene)

The two Cavills are being walked down the hallways of Galactica to go be airlocked. Everyone is standing around and watching. All final five Cylons are there and the Cavill's comment on it to one another.

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