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15 March 2012 @ 08:04 pm
The Firm - airing in Canada one week earlier than in the USA  
It looks like Aaron's episode of THE FIRM (Chapter 12) is going to air in Canada one week earlier than in the USA.

Global TV (Canada): Saturday March 24th @ 10pm
NBC (USA): Saturday March 31st @ 9pm

Chapter 11 of THE FIRM was supposed to air this Saturday on NBC, but it has been pushed back a week because they are airing a repeat of FASHION STAR instead. Chapter 11 is now airing next week (March 24th) according to the NBC website (see screen cap below) which means Chapter 12 (Aaron's episode) gets pushed back to March 31st.

The schedule on the Global TV (Canada) website has Chapter 11 airing this Saturday and Aaron's episode (Chapter 12) airing next week (March 24th).

UPDATE (March 17th): Chapter 11 of THE FIRM didn't air in Canada either. Chapter 11 should air next week (March 24) and then Aaron's episode Chapter 12 will hopefully air the following week (March 31) in both Canada and USA.