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23 September 2012 @ 06:59 pm
Daingerfield - Pilot Episode  
I spy with my little eye, someone we will all recognise at time stamp 15:43 - 16:40 :)
This video was uploaded on to YouTube a few days ago but it's from 2006.

video description: 'Daingerfield' is a smart and hip half-hour comedy television series about an actor named Michael Daingerfield who is much more famous for his roles off screen than on.

I loved Aaron's performance in this. When he's talking to Peter about the hat he is wearing. The intense way he's looking at him, he's just so into it and it comes across as sincere like he's really trying to help him even though the main guy is looking at Aaron and thinking "shut up you know-it-all jerk". I seriously loved this.