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18 October 2012 @ 11:18 am
TRUE JUSTICE: The Ghost (One Shot One Life)  
WTFrak UK fans!!! Aaron's episode of TRUE JUSTICE (2x06: One Shot, One Life) aired on August 8th in the UK on 5USA (Channel 5). Why didn't anyone saying something? Surely you were all watching this show religiously because you love Steven Seagal :) I can't find it anywhere to *cough*download*cough*. We'll just have to wait for it to air in the USA on the ReelzChannel in 2013.

The episodes are released on DVD as a movie (2 episodes = 1 movie).

From the looks of the DVD TITLES, Aaron's episode is in the 6th DVD which hasn't been released yet. But you'd think it would be in the 3rd DVD if logically, DVD 1 = episodes 1 & 2, DVD 2 = episodes 3 & 4, DVD 3 = episodes 5 & 6.

2x01: Vengeance is Mine (Part 1)
2x02: Vengeance is Mine (Part 2)
2x03: Violence of Action
2x04: All In
2x05: Dead Drop
2x06: One Shot, One Life (Aaron's episode)
2x07: Toys in the Attic
2x08: Angel of Death
2x09: The Conversation
2x10: Dead Drop
2x11: The Cut-Out Man
2x12: Fired
2x13: The Shot

True Justice S2: Film 1 (Vengeance Is Mine)
True Justice S2: Film 2 (Blood Alley)
True Justice S2: Film 3 (Violence of Action)
True Justice S2: Film 4 (Angel of Death)
True Justice S2: Film 5 (Dead Drop)
True Justice S2: Film 6 (One Shot One Life)