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20 November 2012 @ 10:21 pm
TRUE JUSTICE: The Ghost (One Shot One Life)  
ATTENTION UK FANS. Aaron's episode of TRUE JUSTICE (2x06: One Shot, One Life) is being repeated on 5USA/Channel 5 at 1:15am on Thursday morning (November 22nd). Make sure you set your recording devices before you go to bed on Wednesday night.

UPDATE: I'm confused. I asked a friend in the UK to record Aaron's episode (2x06: One Shot, One Life) for me and she said the episodes are listed as 2x05: Dirty Money and 2x06: Violence of Action.

The descriptions she gave me for those episodes, actually match the episodes 2x03: Violence of Action and 2x04: All In on the episode guide on their website.

If you go to the schedule on their website, go down to the LATE section and hover your mouse over 00:15 True Justice it reads Season 2 - Episode 5: Dead Drop. And if you hover your mouse over 01:15 True Justice it reads Season 2 - Episode 6: One Shot, One Life. Which I assume is what will air and what I want recorded.

UPDATE (2): I just checked tvguide.co.uk and it matches what my friend was seeing....

5USA 12:15am Thu 22 Nov - Season 2 Episode 5: Dirty Money
5USA 01:15am Thu 22 Nov - Season 2 Episode 6: Violence of Action

The episode numbers (2x05 and 2x06) match what is on the schedule on the 5USA website. But the episode names and descriptions are wrong. But if you go to "See True Justice Episode Guide" on the tvguide.co.uk website, it lists episode 2x05 and 2x06 correctly.

Season 2 Episode 5: Dead Drop
Season 2 Episode 6: One Shot, One Life

So here's hoping they are airing 2x05 and 2x06 and they just screwed up the names and descriptions on tv guide.