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Chief Tyrol Dog Tags (serial number)

Today Aaron sent me a photo of Chief Tyrol's current dog tags.

According to Battlestar Wiki the serial number on Chief Tyrol's dog tags are 312365. That's what I also knew them as because he let me wear his dog tags at the WOLF G1 con in October 2005 and I took a photo of them.

Quantum Mechanix are selling BSG Character Dog Tags for USD$49.95 and I bought the Chief Tyrol ones. When they arrived the serial number on them was 409185. I emailed them and told them they got the serial number wrong. They told me that's the info they got from the studio (read more about that in THIS post). So I asked Aaron about the serial number and he took a photo of his Chief Tyrol dog tags for me and the serial number is 409185 (as you can see in the above photo).

So it appears that the serial number on Chief Tyrol's dog tags have changed. I guess when they made him new dog tags and changed it from "C. Tyrol" to "G. Tyrol" they changed the serial number.

Anyway, that's a bit of useless information for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff :)

You can view the larger versions of the dog tag photos HERE and HERE.

Battlestar Wiki has been updated to Chief Tyrol's new dog tag serial number (409185).

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