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Aaron Douglas

Last Supper and the Truth

Hey Everyone....

It's Aaron. Yes, it really is. We are still on break due to the strike and I just had my day on Day the Earth Stood Still pushed because of snow on set so I am at home checking this Last Supper scream session some of you are having.

Yes I do know Michelle, she is a very good friend of mine and does a wonderful job on my site. I know there will be many who say that is not the real Aaron and to those people I say, "Bite me!!!!" kidding.

If you have ever met me at a con or anywhere else ask me a question that only I would know and I will show you that it is really me. Or don't and believe that this is some weirdo passing on bogus info. Whatever floats your boat.

I will also be at Allcon in Dallas this year as well as the BSG cruise so you can ask me there.
I know!!!
Creation con are jackasses.... there... believe me now?

The Last Supper.
1. We were all there all weekend. No one was photoshopped. Actors HATE gallery shoots.
No one was particularly pleased with having to do it but we all went. I had a con in New England that I had to cancel to go to this FRAKKING thing so I was particularly unimpressed.
2. Ron was not at the shoot.
3. There was the photographer and a bunch of Scifi people who were standing behind a curtain orchestrating this thing. They would gather and whisper to each other and then one person would give us direction. They seemed to be making it up as they went along.... which is not new for scifi marketing.
4. This was not the only thing shot that day. We had singles and group shots and those weird spinning light promo things you see on scifi.com and all the other BS they made us do.
5. Is there a hidden meaning in the last supper? Nope. I don't think so and neither do any of the cast.
6. They told us where to stand and what they wanted but we did pretty much what we wanted to do. It was just like making the show. We, each actor, know our own characters better than anyone and we chose to stand, sit, lie however we chose.

If it comes out that there is hidden meaning I will come back and admit I am wrong. But I seriously don't think it is anything more than something to fuck with you all.

I have been speaking to Michelle about this and if she says something comes from me you can take it to the bank that it did. If she says it didn't, it didn't. I don't tell her everything. We are not allowed to divulge very much.

Why do I think there is no hidden meaning in this picture?
We have shot 13 eps and in no way has anything any fan has come up with based on looking at the picture appeared in any script.

Have fun with the pic but remember..... this is Ron. Truly a great writer, great man, great friend..... but he will toy with you whenever he gets the chance.....
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