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Aaron's Angels (become a member)

A lot of you have already done this, but for those of you that missed the original post about it and would like to have your name added as a member of AARON'S ANGELS, please follow the instructions below ....

FOR LJ MEMBERS: Click on the first option to have your userid added to the website. In the second option you can enter in your real name. For example, on the website I would be listed as Michelle (meshel73). But if you don't want your real name listed on the website, then don't enter anything in this field.

You need to be a member of this LJ community for the above to work. To check if you're a member go HERE. If you are already a member the page will read "Error. You are already a member of this community". If you're not a member and would like to be then click on "Join Community".


Poll #1118752 AARON'S ANGELS members

Please add me to the list of AARON'S ANGELS members

Check this option to be added

Enter your real name (optional)

FOR MEMBERS OF THE AARON DOUGLAS YAHOO! GROUP AND SKIFFY THREAD: I've turned off the ability to make anonymous comments on this LJ comm. I have made a post on both the Yahoo! Group and Skiffy thread about Aaron's Angels. Just reply to my post and ask to have your name added to the website.

PHOTOS: If you have a photo of yourself with Aaron, I'll add it to the website. Just make a comment to this post and include a link to your photo. Or if you're on Yahoo or Skiffy, give me the link when you reply to my post on there. 

EDIT: I'm now including what countries we are from on the website. So for the new instructions on how to get your name added as a member of Aaron's Angels please check this post
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