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Ask The Chief

The Last Supper and the Truth thread has become too big for Aaron to keep a track of, so I have spoken to him and he has agreed to take questions in this new thread. Please use common sense when asking questions. Do not ask questions that are too personal and obviously he can't answer specific questions about season 4, so don't ask who the final cylon is. And if you do, don't expect to be told the truth! Of course all questions don't have to be about BSG. Ask him what his favourite breakfast cereal is :) Email notifications are turned off on Aaron's LJ account so please make it easy for him to respond by posting your question as a new comment rather than a reply to a comment left by someone else. 

Deadline for submitting questions is midnight on Sunday January the 20th Vancouver time (PST). Which makes that 8am on Monday UK London GMT time, 7pm on Monday Australian EST and I'm sure the rest of the USA knows how to work out the time difference. Then I'll send this link to Aaron and he'll come on here and answer them when he gets a chance.

And if you haven't done so already, go over HERE and have your name added to the list of Aaron's Angels

EDIT: You may ask more than one question in your comment.

UPDATE (Jan 20):
This thread is now closed to any new questions.
Please do not add any new comments as they will be deleted.
I have sent the link to Aaron and will answer them when he gets a chance.
Once he starts answering I will "freeze" each thread so that no replies can be made.

If you want to discuss any of Aaron's replies, please do it in this thread.
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