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Click on the link below to download the audio interview that Aaron did with Next Level Nerds at Denver Comic Con in June.


Description: I know for some of you it’s been a long wait for this episode, but the time is finally here. Next Level Nerds Episode 13: Aaron Douglas! Aaron Douglas is an absolutely amazing guy, and we loved getting to talk with him about everything from Battlestar Galactica, his own favorite television shows and movies, plus some of his upcoming work. He’s a real great down to Earth person and we loved having him on the podcast, and we hope you guys enjoy listening to us all get drunk and ramble on about randomness. Download the episode! Tell your friends! Check out our great sponsor down below and don’t forget to support the Next Level Podcast!
29 July 2012 @ 10:47 am
Here's another video of Aaron helping to promote the SHELF LIFE IndieGoGo campaign to raise $30K in 30 days so they make another season.

DAY 10: Fancypants thespian Aaron Douglas of BSG fame tells us exactly what he thinks about working on Shelf Life… So help this Dudley Do-wrong out and visit our IndieGoGo site.

Aaron will star in an episode for the new web series by Geek & Sundry called WRITTEN BY A KID. He will play a fireman in the episode FIRE CITY. The episode was directed by W. Jonathan Sims and co-stars Cory Williams.

The first episode of WRITTEN BY A KID premieres next Wednesday (July 18th) at 10am PST with "Scary Smash", written by 5-year-old Brett Baligad, directed by Daniel Strange, starring Dave Foley as "Milkman," Kate Micucci as "Lady" and introducing Joss Whedon as "Gerald." I'm not sure when Aaron's episode will air but I'll let you know once I find out.

This video explains what WRITTEN BY A KID is about.

This is the season 1 trailer for WRITTEN BY A KID. Aaron's episode is shown from time stamp 00:24 - 00:29.

Screencaps of Aaron from the trailer...

Original sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories by real kids are transformed into stunning shorts by some of today’s coolest directors. These original live-action and animated pieces truly capture the madness and magic of the 5-to-10-year old mindset.

About Geek & Sundry
Premium YouTube channel Geek & Sundry features the best of indie geek culture and the internet's foremost geek voices. Founded by the producers of the hit web series The Guild, Geek & Sundry offers a diverse lineup of shows that create a hub for fans of comedy, gaming, comics, music, and literature around the world. Through compelling content and its powerful social media presence, the channel cultivates a thriving community amongst its viewers, allowing them to immerse themselves in nerd culture and connect with each other both online and off. Spearheaded by prominent geek figureheads, Geek & Sundry features original content by Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible, Eureka), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory), Veronica Belmont & Tom Merritt (Sword & Laser), Paul & Storm (w00tstock), and Dark Horse Comics.
I wonder if this means we'll see Aaron in a cameo in one of the remaining episodes of Season 3 of SHELF LIFE the Series or maybe Season 4 (???).

video description: Here's a special Comic Con treat! Canada Doug asks for your support in our upcoming Season 4 IndieGoGo campaign which begins in less than a week (Starts July 18th). Why should you trust him? Well, he's Canadian, isn't he?

About SHELF LIFE the Series: A web comedy about four action figures on a young boy's shelf and no topic is off limits: sex, politics, gender, race, religion, and more from a pint sized perspective. Watch these toys, ahem - collectables, deal with big topics in their small way.

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12 July 2012 @ 09:02 pm
Below is a video interview with Aaron from Denver Comic-Con. He is on from time stamp 0:09 - 2:16. The interviewer talks more than Aaron :[

10 July 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Some fans on Aaron's Facebook Fanpage have been asking if HEMLOCK GROVE will only be airing on Netflix in the USA, so I thought I'd repost the answer on here as well. I've been told by TPTB that it will air everywhere there is Netflix. So that means USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.

If you're like me and live in a country that doesn't have Netflix they have said .... "We will have exciting news about the non Netflix territories in the next few months." So once I hear something about that I'll let everyone know.
10 July 2012 @ 10:20 pm
Below are the tweets by Gaumont TV from the 'Netflix Kick-off Party' for HEMLOCK GROVE on Friday night (July 6) in Toronto.

There is only one photo of Aaron (the same one I posted previously) but there are photos of the writers, directors, producer, cast members and creative consultants.

More tweets under the LJ cut...Collapse )
For those of you that don't use twitter, or may have missed these, here is screen caps of tweets about HEMLOCK GROVE by Aaron, Eli Roth (Executive Producer & Director) and Gaumont TV (the Studio/Production Company) and Katie O'Connell (CEO of Gaumont International Television).

The Gaumont TV tweets include some behind-the-scenes photos from HEMLOCK GROVE. Enjoy :)

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09 July 2012 @ 08:11 am
CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron on joining the cast of HEMLOCK GROVE in the role of SHERIFF SWORN.

HEMLOCK GROVE is a horror/thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy. The 13-episode first season will air exclusively on NETFLIX in early 2013. Executive producer Eli Roth ("HOSTEL") will direct three episodes (the premiere and the last two) and director-producer Deran Sarafian ("HOUSE") is reported to be directing four episodes. Brian McGreevy is adapting the series with longtime writing partner Lee Shipman. According to Wikipedia, Brian McGreevy has said that "he has the second book almost finish and the third book is fully outlined". So here's hoping to many more season of Hemlock Grove. The novel and the TV series are set in Pittsburgh but the show will be filmed in Toronto from July 10 - December 14.

Below is the announcement via DEADLINE...

Netflix Castings -- Hemlock Grove

Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica, The Bridge) has joined the Netflix series Hemlock Grove as Sheriff Sworn, the local lawman investigating a young girl’s gruesome murder in a Pennsylvania steel town. Based on a novel by Brian McGreevy, Hemlock Grove stars Famke Janssen and Dougray Scott, and the initial episode will be directed by Eli Roth. The Gaumont International series begins filming next week in Toronto. Douglas is repped by Pacific Artists Management and Gersh.

Source: Deadline

The other cast members that have been announced so far are:

Famke Janssen as Olivia Godfrey
Bill Skarsgard as Roman Godfrey
Landon Liboiron as Peter Rumancek
Penelope Mitchell as Letha Godfrey
Freya Tingley as Christina Wendall
Dougray Scott as Dr. Norman Godfrey
Lili Taylor as Lynda Rumancek
Kandyse McClure as Dr. Chausser

Here are screen caps of the tweets made by Aaron and Gaumont TV about HEMLOCK GROVE.

Hemlock Grove - Tweets by Aaron & Gaumont TV
Hemlock Grove - Netflix Kick-off Party

HEMLOCK GROVE synopses and official press release under the LJ cut...Collapse )
OK. So Aaron is in Toronto right now to film a new series. But we're not allowed to talk about it yet until there's been an official announcement from TPTB.

Last night (Friday) the Studio/Production Company (Gaumont TV) were tweeting photos from the "Netflix Kick-off Party". I tweeted them and asked "do you have any photos of Sheriff Sworn? Pleasssseeeee :)" and within minutes they posted this photo.

[Aaron and Elisa Todd Roth, director of creative affairs]

There are no prizes for guessing what the series is because Aaron has tweeted about it 3 times already, I have posted about it on here and on the facebook fanpage. But they all had to be deleted because we've been told we're not allowed to talk about it until it's "official". But I know a lot of you had already seen it before it was taken down. If you know what the show is, please no talking about it in the comments. Just enjoy the pretty picture :)
06 July 2012 @ 06:44 am
ATTENTION TORONTO FANS: Because Aaron is in Toronto right now (filming that thing we're not allowed to talk about yet) he will be making an appearance at the POLARIS convention on Sunday to sign autographs from 1pm-3pm.

Polaris 26
July 6 - 8, 2012
Richmond Hill, Ontario. CANADA

I believe the plan is for Aaron to be sitting next to Neil Grayson (EUREKA) from 1pm-3pm. Then Wil Wheaton will be signing near Aaron from 2pm. This is for Sunday only. Aaron will not be there on Saturday.
26 June 2012 @ 12:41 pm
Below is a funny video clip from Aaron's guest panel at Denver Comic-Con.

Video Description: Happened to record a hilarious video of Aaron Douglas telling us how Robin Williams got George Lucas to watch Battlestar Galactica. (I am so sorry for recording in vertical. I was in the second row and some guys head kept forcing my camera out of focus...)
My apologies for forgetting to post about this on here. If you're following Aaron on twitter or are a member of his Facebook Fanpage you will know that he is in the new Steven Seagal movie playing FBI Agent Adrian Sloan. It is one of the TRUE JUSTICE movies that get released on DVD overseas (in Asia, Germany, I think). Then they cut the movie in half and make it into two episodes that air on tv. The show airs on 5USA (Channel 5) in the UK and on ReelzChannel in the USA. Aaron's episode will air on tv during season 2 of TRUE JUSTICE.

Below is copy of all of Aaron's tweets about it...

More tweets and photos under the LJ cut...Collapse )
20 June 2012 @ 03:48 pm
Here's a video of Aaron at Denver Comic Con. Everyone in the audience seems to be killing themselves laughing. I don't really "get it". I guess you had to be there :)

video description: I filmed as much of this as I could on low batteries, hope you laugh as much as we did!

And here's a video interview that Girls of Geek did with Aaron at the con.

video description: Michelle interviews Aaron Douglas on the convention floor doing Denver Comic Con 2012!

I wish Aaron's publicist (I don't even know if he has one of those) or agent/manager/someone would hand out a list to people that want to interview him that reads: Do not ask him what he thought when he found out he would be one of the final five. And don't ask him if that was Scotland that Chief went to in the final episode. I don't know about you guys but I'm getting tired of hearing him get asked those same questions again and again.
Aaron is scheduled to appear at the following convention in the USA.

Denver Comic Con
June 15-17th, 2012
Colorado Convention Center

I can't see him listed as a guest on their website yet, but they tweeted about it and it's on their facebook page.
05 June 2012 @ 10:17 am
Below is the game demo for WATCH DOGS. This is the Ubisoft game that Aaron was working on when he was in Montreal. Aaron is on screen from timestamp 3:29 - 4:38.

Source: http://www.watchdogs.ubi.com/watchdogsgame/en-US/home/

Here is some screen caps of Aaron's character. WTH? I don't even have the words for this. What is he supposed to be? Guido the killer pimp? LOL.

Here are some photos of Aaron in the recording studio for the new THE TOWN PANTS album.

(1). "Gang vocals for the new CD with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Duane Keogh."
(2). "Recording with @theaarondouglas on back-up/gang vocals. He's sporting the #magicrecordingsweater"
(3). "It's gang vocal day here at Imagined Aire studios... - with Dave Keogh, Aaron Chapman, Duane Keogh and Aaron Douglas."
(4). "Warming up — with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Mo Sherwood."
(5). "Aaron Douglas kicking out the jams. You may recognize him as "Chief Tyrol" from Battlestar Galactica or perhaps "Frank Leo" from The Bridge...either way, he sexes up The Magic Recording Sweater..."

FYI: "The Magic Recording Sweater" (the white sweater with the hearts on it) is just a fun thing the band members and guest musicians/singers took turns wearing during the recording of the album. Check out THIS album for more photos of people wearing it.

More proof on how awesome THE TOWN PANTS are, here are some screen caps of their appearance on URBAN RUSH in March 2006. They held up a sign that read "Aaron Douglas is a Cylon!". They guessed it before anyone knew (even Ron Moore and the writers) :)

UPDATE (May 25th): Below is a video montage from the recording of the new THE TOWN PANTS album. Aaron can be seen at time stamp 1:21 - 1:23 and 1:39 - 1:55.

Aaron is on WIRED's "100 Geeks You Should Be Following on Twitter" list.
What? Aaron is a geek?!?!? I'm going to have to unfriend him :)

14 May 2012 @ 11:11 am
I found a photo of Aaron in the GALLERY section of the DEATH DO US PART website. Aaron has a cameo in the film playing the character Harry.

In THIS audio interview that SCI-FI TALK did with Director Nicholas Humphries, he is asked what the shooting schedule was like. In part of his response he says "We had another day just in North Vancouver in a Ranger's Station, that opens and closes the movie". So judging from Aaron's clothing I'm assuming this is where his scenes will be in the movie.